The Auto Three-Fi Case - 18thirteen
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The Auto Three-Fi Case

When I first started working at Desert Schools, I was challenged to give the brand a fresh new look. The main product to be our start point was the Auto Refi, which later became Auto Three-Fi. We went through a lot of new ideas, looked for the perfect image that included a vehicle while showing that was local in Phoenix. We just couldn’t find the perfect image. After weeks of endless tries and image research, I decided to get my camera and reproduce the image I had in my head.


I headed to Papago Park, looked for the right spot, parked my car in a closed road and took several shots. I’m no professional photographer, but the shots came out great. I did some post production work on the images and added the layout. I was so proud of my work! Now it was time to show the Marketing director to see if she liked it as much as I did.


This is a story with a happy ending. My manager LOVED it just as it was, no edits! She was impressed that I went above & beyond to deliver my best work and something I could stand behind. Right there, she knew what kind of designer I am. I push the limits. I do what’s necessary. I love what I do, so I do it with all my heart.


Later, that image inspired a whole TV commercial.

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